Israel – the Country

The modern State of Israel has been in existence since 1948, however the land of Israel with its very extended and multifaceted history goes back thousands of years right to the starting point of human civilization. Over the years this holy land which is the birthplace of first Judaism and then Christianity, has been invaded by practically every powerful Empire that existed.

Israel flagToday the very small country of Israel is a modern democratic State despite having had to successfully defend itself, over the last 60 plus years, during 5 wars and facing overwhelming odds.

The State of Israel is situated on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with neighboring Lebanon in the north, Jordan and the West Bank in the east, Syria in the northeast and the Gaza Strip and Egypt in the southwest. It has a population as of May 2010 of over 7 million people of whom just over 6 million are Jewish, The remaining 1 million citizens are made up of Muslims, Christians, Druze and Samaritans. The country itself is steeped in biblical history that is of importance to Jews and Christians as well as Muslims.

A very popular tourist destination for visitors from all around the world, Israel has a bit of everything. From ancient ruins and historical/biblical sites, to modern resorts with beautiful sandy beaches, non-stop nightlife and restaurants of all kinds.

israelPeople from around the world travel to Israel for a number of reasons: for business; to visit family; vacation or to return to their roots.  A large number of visitors are Christian pilgrims who come on tours to the Holy Land on  pilgrimages to experience the wonder of standing in the very places that are mentioned in the Bible.

Learn about the history of the Country and famous Israeli personalities. Find details about places to tour while visiting and where to stay.  You can get ideas for  your trip here or just read up about this beautiful, vibrant country. You can find everything you need to know about Israel here.