Golan Heights

The Golan Heights is situated in the north of Israel and borders on Syria.    The area had been part of the Ottoman Empire and after the First World War it became included in the territory of the British Mandate of Palestine.  However this was changed when in 1923 an agreement was reached between Britain and France ceding the Golan Heights to French Mandated Syria.


After 1948 the Golan Heights became the Armistice Line between Syria and Israel and for 18 years the Syrians used the high positions on the Golan to attack Israel by shelling Kibbutzim and settlements in the Galilee as well as Israeli water projects in the Hula valley.


In June 1967 during the 6 Day War Israel captured the Golan Heights from Syria and in 1973 defended its position after a heavy attack by Syrian armored forces and at great cost.  Israel counter attacked and drove deep into Syria only to withdraw later but remain on the Heights.  In 1981 Legislation was passed in the Knesset that replaced the Military Authority and extended Israeli Civil Laws and Administration to the Golan Heights.



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Today the region of the Golan Heights in Northern Israel is a magnificent mountainous area extremely popular with local holidaymakers and visitors from abroad offering a wide variety of activities, glorious scenic vistas, interesting Nature Reserves and many archeological and historic places of interest.

The region of the Golan Heights comprises lush agricultural land in the South and awe-inspiring volcanic topography further north.  There are activities year found. Winter offers opportunities for both professional and amateur skiers alike to take advantage of the snow covered slopes of Mt Hermon. Summer is a perfect time for swimming in the many streams, spring brings with it a plethora of beautiful wild flowers and the pleasing autumn weather is perfect for hikers. Not to be forgotten are visits to the many boutique wineries in the area.

The Golan Heights is truly a beautiful place to visit and the many guest houses offer a wide variety of accommodation and many excellent restaurants to suit all tastes.