David Ben-Gurion

Beersheva (Beersheba) is a Negev desert City in the south of Israel and is the seventh largest city in the country with a population of approximately 200,000.  It is also known as “The capital of the Negev”. Archeological findings have suggested that people have lived in the area since the […]

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Negev Desert
The Negev – the southern portion of Israel encompasses approximately half of Israel’s land mass and is bordered by Gaza and Egypt in the West where this desert area merges with the Sinai and Jordan in the East. It is shaped in the form of a triangle with the port […]

The Negev

Declaration of the State of Israel
On the 29th November 1947 the United Nations General Assembly voted to partition Palestine. Immediately after the vote the first Arab attack was launched in Jerusalem and it did not take long before the fighting spread throughout the country. When Britain made it clear that their mandate would end on […]

History of Israel – Wars – War of Independence

Ben Gurion - First Prime Minister of Israel
David Ben Gurion, (originally David Gruen) the founder and first Prime Minister of the State of Israel, was born in 1886 in Plonsk Poland. His father Avigdor Gruen was an ardent Zionist who established a Hebrew School and this is where the young David was educated. His mother died when […]

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