Negev desert in Southern Israel
Cities and Sites in Southern Israel Southern Israel includes the The Negev which extends  from Beer Sheva all the way down to the Red Sea Resort of Eilat. Steeped in the history of the Nabatean “Spice Road” and other ancient civilizations, the Negev has become a popular tourist site for […]

Israel – Southern Israel – Cities and Sites

Eilat Underwater Observatory
Eilat is situated at Israel’s southernmost tip on the shores of the Red Sea and is the ultimate resort city for local holidaymakers and visiting tourists from abroad throughout the year, due to the very few days of rainfall annually. Eilat is a unique oasis at the lower end of […]


The small town of Mitzpe Ramon in the Negev desert is approximately 140 km north of Eilat and 80 km south of Beer Sheva.  The town is situated right on the edge of the Ramon Crater which is the largest of three craters located in the Negev. When visiting Mitzpe […]

Mitzpe Ramon

Negev Desert
The Negev – the southern portion of Israel encompasses approximately half of Israel’s land mass and is bordered by Gaza and Egypt in the West where this desert area merges with the Sinai and Jordan in the East. It is shaped in the form of a triangle with the port […]

The Negev