Recipe: Jaffa Chicken One of my Favorite chicken recipes Ingredients 8 serving portions of chicken 1cup orange juice ¼ cup oil 1 Tablespoon flour ½ cup soya sauce 4 tablespoons honey 4 large cooking apples Instructions Season the chicken portions with salt ,pepper, paprika and fine or mixed herbs and […]

Israel Cuisine – Israeli Dishes – Jaffa Chicken

Recipe: Jachnun –  A traditional Yemenite dish Ingredients 1 kg flour, 50 grams butter or margarine, 7 teaspoons sugar, 4 teaspoons salt, 3 ½ cups warm water 1 egg 2½ teaspoons baking powder Instructions DOUGH: Combine flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt in food processor and process to blend. Adding […]

Israeli Food – Israel recipes – Jachnun

Recipe: Falafel Summary: Originally an Egyptian dish, falafel is normally served in Pita with salads, pickled vegetables, chips, Humous and Tehina .  Falafel  is one of the most popular dishes in Israel and Stands selling hot freshly made Falafel are found all over the country. Ingredients 1 lb chickpeas 1 […]

Israel Food – Israeli Cuisine – Falafel

Recipe: Eggplant (hazilim) and Tomato Ingredients 2 Large Eggplants 2 Eggs 6 large Tomatoes ½ cup flour Instructions Peel and slice eggplants. Dip the slices into the flour and then into well beaten eggs. Fry in oil until brown. Remove from pan and remove oil from pan and then place […]

Eggplant (hazilim) and Tomato