Mar 24

Israel – North Israel sites – Rosh Hanikra

Rosh Hanikra is situated on the northwestern corner of Israel bordering Lebanon. This Geological phenomenon with its white chalk cliffs and its incredibly beautiful Grottoes is without doubt a not to be missed experience when travelling in Israel.

Rosh Hanikra, Northern Israel

Photo: Yoav Avneyon -

The Grottoes and Caves have been formed over a period of thousands of years from the force of the sea beating against the cliffs and gradually chipping away parts of the soft chalk. From the lookout point at the top of the cliff there is a magnificent view of Israel’s northern coastline and on a clear day it is possible to see as far south as Haifa. Looking out to sea the isles of Rosh Hanikra and the isles of Achziv can be seen. These islands are classified as a nature reserve as they are nesting places for birds.

The two minute exhilarating ride down the 210 foot cliff in the cable car is amazing as is the walk through the tunnels to view the many shades of water casting light and shadow on the grottoes which are inhabited by wildlife including Sea Turtles, Bats and Sea Birds.

Rosh Hanikra was, in ancient times, part of the trade route between Lebanon and Syria in the north and Israel, Egypt and North Africa in the South and at that time was known as “the Ladders of Tyre”. Alexander the Great led the Greek Army into the Land of Israel through a tunnel his forces dug at Rosh Hanikra.

Grottoes at Rosh Hanikra

Photo: Yoav Avneyon -

The British army invaded Lebanon through the border at Rosh Hanikra during both world wars and in 1948 after the British withdrew and the State of Israel was declared. The bridge between Israel and Lebanon was blown up by Israeli forces so that Lebanon would be prevented from invading via Rosh Hanikra.


While touring the North of  Israel, the grottoes at Rosh Hanikra are a definite “must see”.

Apr 21

Israel – Northern Israel – Cities and Sites

Cities and Sites in Northern Israel

The North of Israel comprising of  the Golan Heights and the Galilee region is filled with Jewish and Christian Biblical and historical places of interest. There are an abundance of National Parks and archeological excavations as well as beautiful scenery and rich plant life.

The Sea of Galilee area and Nazareth are of particular interest to Christian Pilgrims who flock here every year to visit the sites where Jesus grew up and performed his miracles.

The whole North of Israel is full of spectacular views and during spring the flowers that bloom  cover the ground with beautiful colors.

Lake Kinneret

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Golan Heights






Rosh Hanikra


Zicron Yaakov

Mar 15

Cities In Israel – North Israel – Haifa

The beautiful Port city of Haifa in Israel is situated on the Mediterranean Sea and built on the slopes of Mount Carmel. It is the third largest city in Israel and its many sided distinctive characteristics make it an interesting and attractive point of call for visitors to spend time in.

Haifa, Israel


It has often been compared to other cities with similar locations such as Naples and San Francisco with its terraced landscape offering a wide variety of magnificent panoramic views. Across the bay in the northeast is the walled medieval city of Acre. In good weather on a clear day, with visibility allowing, the imposing white cliff of Rosh Hanikra on the Lebanese border can be seen in the North and the snow capped peak of Mount Hermon in the Northeast.

Haifa has a long and eventful history that goes back to biblical times and in the 3rd century CE it was mentioned in Talmudic literature as being the home of Jewish scholars including Rabbi Avdimos and after that it was captured and ruled by Byzantines, Arabs, Crusaders, Ottomans, Egyptians, and the British until 1948 when it became part of the State of Israel.
The residents of Haifa, a city which is an outstanding example of tolerance, belong to all three of the main world religions as well as a variety of minority beliefs, all living in harmony and co-existence.

Haifa is the world center for the Baha’i faith and the Magnificent Baha’i Shrine with its golden dome and its spectacular Gardens are a city landmark. The Shrine itself is the burial place of the Bab who was the founder of the faith.

Bahai Temple in Haifa


There are many other impressive landmarks in the city with its many churches, the most famous being the Stella Maris Carmelite Monastery at the top of the Carmel with the cave believed to contain the grave of the prophet Elijah according to Christian tradition. The site of Elijah’s cave is revered by Jews, Christians and Moslems alike.

There are also unspoiled magnificent beaches known only to the locals and as yet undiscovered by tourists but plans are being made to develop the area around these beaches into a tourist paradise. There are many places of interest for visitors to see and things to do in the Haifa area and there is a range of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets.

Feb 20

Israel – Northern Coastal Cities – Nahariya

Nahariya is a coastal resort town in Northern Israel. It was founded in the mid 1930’s by German immigrants. It was originally settled with the intention of it being an agricultural village but it soon became apparent to the residents that the attractive location, lovely scenery and its long and beautiful beach would make it ideal for tourism.

Nahariya IsraelThe original inhabitants were industrious and hard working and made the decision to develop manufacturing industries and Nahariya became the home to a number Israel’s foremost entrepreneurs who founded several highly successful enterprises.

During the time of the British Mandate, Nahariya was a popular stopping off point for British Officers seeking some rest and relaxation as they came from Khartoum and during the mid 1940’s it was used for the landing of illegal immigrant ships that were bringing in refugees and survivors from the holocaust who had not been legally allowed to enter Palestine during the Mandate.

HaGa’ton Boulevard is Nahariya’s main thoroughfare which runs from the east right down to the shore and the  Ga’aton River flows along the center of the boulevard. During the rainy season the gushing river is a lovely sight to see as it rushes along to the sea. Lining this picturesque street are a variety of shops, restaurants and coffee houses and during the high tourist seasons, handsome horse drawn carriages can be seen lined up, their drivers waiting to take visitors on tours of the coast and the city.

Nahariya Israel

Nahariya is a perfect base for visitors to see the many attractions and interesting sites in the surrounding areas. Only 5 minutes from Nahariya is the Achziv National Park and the Crusader Castle also the magnificent Baha’i Gardens outside Akko (Acre), as well as the magnificent Grottos at Rosh Hanikra on the border of Lebanon. The Ghetto Fighters Kibbutz (Lochamei Hagetaot) with its interesting museum is also well worth a visit. There is a wide choice of hotels and accommodation available.